Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shocking update..6/19/14

As many know local authorities entered our farm over two months ago. Without full education to what a T B off the track looks like, they served papers to take our horses. This was two months ago. The horses are in the care of a local "shelter" I was told to sign them over or pay a daily board fee which we could not afford. A dear friend took these updated photos for us over the weekend. In our opinion the horse looks worse in their care. He is thin,  and his rump sunken and back bone showing , yes it's been a wet muddy season, and the horse pasture is muddy as shown. But this is true for all farms. Please keep positive thoughts for us durning this trying time. As our lively hood has been ruined over misguided "good doers"
Photo the Day Reese was taken away above .

3 above photos taken last weekend- most two months in the 
care of local shelter. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome New Riders!

Trailrides start at $20, small groups welcome

It was a perfect day. Nothing was rushed, we had fun. The horses totally loved the fall trail ride. We would love to have these cowgirls come back for a visit! Thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beautiful horses with wonderful personalities, we have been working with them all summer, they are comming along nicely. We have some starting at $250 and up, some are $500 and one is free to proper home. If you wish to purchase a horse, we...
also offer seasonal boarding by the month that includes, feed, turn out and stall cleaning. Private lessons start at $20 an hour if you want lessons with your horse. We have tack you can use and a very friendly enviroment. If you ever wanted to own a horse this is a great set up. We will make sure you do not become overwhelmed and help you become a proper rider and enjoy many years with your horse. You can come and visit as often as you want. Looking forward to hearing from you.

*Calls perfered, and please leave a message as we may be in the barn, but we will return your call.315-359-7721

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Trail Rides 315-553-2265

Special Weekend trail rides are being scheduled thru Oct.  Couples, Parent and Child, or a suprise for that special someone. Its sure to be a relaxing enjoyable time. We are planning for a beautiful fall and spaces will fill fast.  If you have a special request please let us know. Reservation line is 315-553-2265 *please leave a message and your call will be returned the same day. thanks!

Friday, August 24, 2012

 "I may not be with you, but you have to hold on."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

? Who is this sweet cowboy?

What was he famous for? Can you name other famous cowboys.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are Riding Helmets Really Necessary? hummm Hot Topic?

I'm a bit reluctant to ask this because I think I might get some nasty comments about it so please be nice! :) Ok so i have been riding for 9 years and i never even thought twice about putting a helmet on before riding. I do ride english, that is probably why because everybody else wore helmets too. But then i went to a rodeo just for fun and NO ONE wore helmets. I don't know why it surprised me so much, i knew that some people didn't wear helmets but i didn't know their were this many. Dumb right? Anyway, western riding intrigued me so much after that so i bought a western saddle for my horse and we are training for our first rodeo in a month. My mom absolutely will not let me even sit on her without a helmet. I rarely ever fall off, especially in a western saddle because i can just pull myself back up, but even if i do fall, it never is on my head. So, so are helmets really necessary? If they are, why do some people wear them and others don't? Thank you and please be nice with the answers! be fair here are some top answers:  
Some people don't wear them because it is tradition (western). Some don't wear them because they feel the need to clean out the gene pool (everybody else who doesn't wear them). So yes, even in this day and age you will stick out if you wear a helmet riding western. Still your mother is right and,by the way, you only have to fall on your head once to realize that you look less silly in a helmet than in a wheel chair
As an avid trail rider and an officer of two very large trail groups, I must say a majority of trail riders do not. I have noticed, however, that I have never seen anybody ridiculed or even given a second look that does. It is up to the rider if they want to risk it or not. You will not be judged if you are the minority and ride with one.
I personally think helmets are absolutely necessary. You never know what can happen, and helmets have saved many lives. Many people choose not to wear them, and that's their decision, and I have no problem with that. But I will not sit on a horse without a helmet on my head. It's definitely not worth the risk

Its A Beautiful Day

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